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I have been working on reel to reel units since the late 50's. Those early units were replaced with the advanced units available in the late 60's and early 70's. These are the units that are my focus now. In 1999 I began a small business buying, refurbishing, and selling these units on various auction sites. To date, I have sold close to 500 of these units, with 100% feedback.

Times have changed. Over the past year listing fees and commission fees have risen dramatically. This prompted me to develop this website for those people who want to keep buying these vintage units and enjoy them as much as we do.

I love music, play keyboards, our baby grand, accordian...also love our 1932 stone home, our Cocker Spaniel (Frankie), our vintage Corvette, our 31' 1978 Silverton (Ou Gots), our three grown children and their families, and my wife for helping to do this.

I trained for concert piano and played at Carnegie Hall in NYC at the age of 16. Interestingly enough, I graduated from Erasmus High School in Brooklyn NY. I graduated from Oswego State University in Oswego NY as an industrial arts major, and subsequently took management courses at Cornell University in NYC. I was employed at Beckton Dickenson in Rutherford NJ as an operations manager for many years, and then as an electronic/mechanical supervisor at IBM in Poughkeepsie NY. After that, I worked at Smith Kline (bought out by Glaxo) as an electro-mechanical maintenance service technician.










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